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A surge of optimism

Yesterday was the deadline for submitting your income-tax return.As usual I had delayed and delayed; putting it off until the last hours.I had a nerve-racking time of it, as well. 1. Did I have all...

Identity crisis?

So. What happens to all the rebellious youths with dreads and tattoos?What happens when they hit their 30's or 40's?Are they absorbed into the corporate world?Does the happy-go-lucky guy with dread...

Potentially life threatening

As I get older my body is really giving me a hard time.2 1/2 years ago I was diagnosed with asthma.Then I found out I couldn't take painkillers with ibuprofen in them. They gave me acute asthma att...

So... yesterdays blogg was the idyllic, picture postcard version

of Winter in Norway. Now for reality: toes and fingers freezing, runny nose, frozen earlobes and/or cheeks falling face or arse first on icy steps or pathways car completely snowed under, whi...

Winter at Melkedammen

This is just a little showing of what winter in Norway can look like. For those of my friends that don't have first-hand knowledge. And just so you all know - I would rather have 35-40 degrees any...


46, Arendal

En kvinne i min beste alder, som gjør mitt beste på å komme sånn nogenlunde gjennom livet. Sterke meninger om noe - ingen mening om annet. Sånn er det bare. Og slettes ikke alltid like politisk korrekt. Og sånn er DET. Føler du for å legge igjen en kommentar, tast i vei. :-)