A surge of optimism

Yesterday was the deadline for submitting your income-tax return.

As usual I had delayed and delayed; putting it off until the last hours.

I had a nerve-racking time of it, as well.
1. Did I have all my passwords and codes to access my tax-return?
2. Would my ipad be up for the job? (I have found it has its limitations; e.g. I can't access one of my banks on the ipad...)
3. Did I have all my receipts at hand?

I think I just might be one of the worlds top 10 procrastinators, so, after returning from work I watched the 2 latest episodes of TVD and the latest of The Originals before I even attempted it. (Love my vampires ;-) )

Luckily, everything went smoothly and I felt myself filled with an abundance of optimism and zeal.

I now feel like I might be able to start sorting things out, detaching myself of unnecessary clutter. Not that I am anywhere close to being a hoarder, but I DO have quite an amount of useless/superfluous items scattered about the house.

My main ponderance is: how does one get these fleeting feelings of elation to last?

Because, to be brutally honest, it is going to take me more then one evening to sort through my belongings and do a thorough purge.

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06.05.2014 kl.12:53

if you need any help, you know whom to ask :-)

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46, Arendal

En kvinne i min beste alder, som gjør mitt beste på å komme sånn nogenlunde gjennom livet. Sterke meninger om noe - ingen mening om annet. Sånn er det bare. Og slettes ikke alltid like politisk korrekt. Og sånn er DET. Føler du for å legge igjen en kommentar, tast i vei. :-)