Identity crisis?

What happens to all the rebellious youths with dreads and tattoos?
What happens when they hit their 30's or 40's?Are they absorbed into the corporate world?

Does the happy-go-lucky guy with dreads, piercings and tattoos get a crewcut, cover up, and go to business school?

Does the hippy chic in flower power clothing become a mum in the suburbs?

All the "wanderers" that play instruments on the beach and pavements, do they get trapped in a 'normal' life?

This 'normal' life of working 5 days a week, 47 weeks a year, really does not have much appeal to me. Especially here in the cold; where a nice hot Summer day is practically non-existent. At least not like I know they can be.

But what to do?

My dream life would, I think, be to be my own boss. Have my bed'n'breakfast, somewhere that's warm all year round. Earn enough to get by, and to be able to take a few trips home a year, to see the kids, my dad, and friends.

Grow my own veggies. Solar power, wind power.

I know I am definately not a career-driven person. I am not a total beach-bum either, as we discovered this last holiday. Hippie? Not quite there (yet). Eco 'freak' Apparently not your average suburban mum either.

So, who am I?

Think I might be having an identity crisis moment.

Love this :-)

Would love these colours. Some day soon :-)

Peace and love

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46, Arendal

En kvinne i min beste alder, som gjør mitt beste på å komme sånn nogenlunde gjennom livet. Sterke meninger om noe - ingen mening om annet. Sånn er det bare. Og slettes ikke alltid like politisk korrekt. Og sånn er DET. Føler du for å legge igjen en kommentar, tast i vei. :-)